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Air ticket - The relentless development of aviation nowadays has come to meet the demand of tourists from all over. Companies providing customers with flight of all types release many kinds of promotions, making customers the ones who benefits the most. Some companies, however, cannot deliver the airplane tickets directly to their customers due to some reason, thus, look for some in-between companies (or brokers) to do that. Amongst such companies is our company – PhuThinh Air Ticket Agent taking pride on the fact that we, on behalf of a lot of brandnames in the world, provide all types of flights/ airplane tickets to many places on earth.

Established in 2004,  Phu Thinh Transportation Service And Travel LTD. is an expert in the field of aviation transportation and tourism. After all the difficulties we have been through, we are now sharply developing and get our name known to people, providing customers with many options possible, taking the responsibility necessary, serving with the brightest smile and the like.

One problem occurring right now is the appearance of counterfeited air tickets, which does customers more harm than good. We, for that reason, hereby state that the tickets delivered to our customers are of good quality and can be used international-wide. We also make good consultant about flying conditions, ticket cancelation, imgration servitude etc.

We provide:

-         Local and International air tickets service with cheap price and high quality.

-         Inbound and Outbound tours.

-         Free and Easy services.

-         Pick up and do the visa on arrrival at the airport.

-         Travel insurance, Visa extension.

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